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Established in 1978

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Commercial painting

commercialValley Painting has over a decade of experience in commercial painting and decorating. We understand that different businesses and multi-tenant complexes have different needs in terms of branding, durability, practicality, and other design factors. Our highly trained team work closely with clients to ensure the right colour, texture and paint/product are selected. We also coordinate with site managers and key stakeholders to ensure our work doesn't get in the way of normal operations; we can even carry out painting out of hours if necessary.
We provide painting services for a range of commercial buildings, including:

  • Offices
  • Service business
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping complexes
  • Government buildings and schools
  • Specialty commercial premises, from recreational facilities to medical rooms

Your choice of paint will depend on a variety of practical and aesthetic factors. Our team will be happy to suggest a variety of suitable options, providing samples where necessary.
If you would like to discuss your commercial painting needs or get a free quick quote, please call Call 0418 689 381.