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Specialised paints, coatings, and surfaces

specialisedSometimes, paint alone just isn't enough. Whether you're looking for stunning commercial interior décor or an outstanding heritage-matched look, such as authentic wallpaper, we can help. Valley Painting is proud to offer a wide selection of special coatings, effect paints, finishes, light cladding, and wallpapers.

Your selection will depend on a range of factors, from aesthetic preferences to budget. We offer a range of solutions for clients in all different situations. You may be surprised just how affordable it can be to get real professionals to take care of your property.
Have a look at our Testimonials page to see some of our successful past projects using specialty paints and materials. From feature walls inside to painted fences and walls outside, we can take care of it all.

Not sure just how to make your floors and walls stand out? Want to know more about your options? We can help – Valley Painting offers free consultations and quotes. To arrange a quote, call us on 0418 689 381.